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There are three ways to access Darkrealms. Using a dialup modem, a Telnet client, or a web browser.

If you are using a dialup modem, make sure your terminal software is set to Ansi emulation (or RIP if your software supports it), using 8-bit, no parity, 1 stop bit (known as "8N1"). It is recommended that you set your modem to 9600 baud. Dial +1-647-847-2083. If you are having trouble connecting, try turning off any modem compression or error-correction.

If you are using Telnet, you should be able to use any Ansi-capable Telnet client you want, even the one included with Windows, however File Downloads will not work correctly unless your client specifically supports Zmodem. It is recommended to use a Telnet client specifically designed for calling bulletin boards, such as MTelnet or SyncTerm.

Darkrealms can be accessed with an HTML5-capable web browser, or a browser that has Adobe Flash Player installed. Clicking on the "Connect" link starts the console. Depending on the resolution of your monitor, it may be desirable to resize your browser so the BBS console fits your screen properly. The File Downloads section may not work correctly in a web browser.

If you are in school or on a campus/corporate network, you may not be able to access Darkrealms if your network firewall has a policy preventing Web/Telnet access.

Keep in mind that you are accessing a system that runs the same setup since 1994... unfortunately without modern encryption technology. Therefore, it is currently not possible to use SSH, HTTPS or any other connection-type. For this reason, please do not create accounts with passwords you use on other sites.

If you plan to use the Message Forums, please note that the vast majority of message areas on Fidonet require posting with a real name, or at least a real-sounding name.

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