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Darkrealms is a Bulletin Board System in Toronto Canada. It has been online since 1994 and is one of the oldest and last remaining boards running the MS-DOS Renegade software.

Darkrealms still has a dialup modem line and Telnet access. It is the North American Fidonet Hub with a large repository of hard-to-find vintage computer files and a massive archive of Usenet groups presented exactly as they were from that period in time. It is the epitome of decades of "digital hoarding", a real alternative online community. Popular door-games such as LORD, Tradewars and Usurper are online.

To experience Darkrealms just click the BBS link, or Telnet to bbs.darkrealms.ca with a client such as SyncTerm... or dial (647)847-2083 with your modem's terminal software.

For help, read this.

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